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DocumentMall Options

Below are some of our options available for download to any DocumentMall user.

Replicator Option

Replicator 4.0
Replicator 4.0 is an easy and convenient way to upload large volumes of documents residing on local and network drives to DocumentMall. The new 2-Way Replicator enables the download of files from DocumentMall to a local or network drive.

Replicator 4 Download Windows  File Size: 20.32MB, File Type: .ZIP, Version 4.0.11)
Replicator 4 Download Macintosh  File Size 15.17MB, FIle Type: ZIP Version 4.0.11)
Resources: User Guide

Replicator 4 Download Windows File Size: 20.93MB, File Type: .EXE, Version 4.0.07)
Replicator 4 Download Macintosh
File Size 15.79MB, FIle Type: ZIP Version 4.0.07)

DocumentMall Office Plug-in

DocumentMall Office Plug-in
The DocumentMall Office Plug-in is a convenient feature that provides Microsoft Office users the ability to perform basic DocumentMall functions from their MS Office applications.

Office Plug-in Windows Download File Size: 2.2MB, File Type: .msi, Version 1.0
.NET Prerequisite for Office Plug-in Download
Resources: Office Plug-in User Guide

 DocumentMall PPDM Upload LinkDocumentMall PPDM Upload Link 

The DocumentMall PPDM Upload Link enables DocumentMall users to upload PPDM-scanned documents to an accessible folder in their DocumentMall account.  It takes advantage of document types for indexing, and permission sets for folder and document security.

DocumentMall PPDM Windows Download: File Size: .9 MB, File Type: .EXE, Version 1.0
Resources: DocumentMall PPDM Upload Link User's Guide

DocumentMall Android AppDocumentMall for Android App - Beta Version

DocumentMall for Android provides Android users with the ability to access stored information in their DocumentMall account. You can browse files in your cabinets and folders, locate files by performing text and index searches, open and view files.

To access the Android Marketplace and download the Android app, Click Here.

DocumentMall iPhone AppWorld

DocumentMall App for iPhone® and iPad - Beta Version
With DocumentMall's new iPad / iPhone® App, you can login to your DocumentMall account to search and retrieve documents using file name, text or index fields; email and even print documents to any Ricoh HotSpot Printer.

To access the iPhone App Store and download the DocumentMall iPhone app, Click Here
To access the iPad App Store and download the DocumentMall iPad app, Click Here 
Resources: iPad User Guide 

 DocumentMall BlackBerry Download App

DocumentMall App for BlackBerry® - Beta Version
Retrieve, view, email and even print documents from a DocumentMall account while on the go.  Files are availble for access anytime, anywhere through the BlackBerry device saving time, reducing costs, and getting more done.

To access the BlackBerry App World and download the DocumentMall BlackBerry app, Click Here.
Resources: BlackBerry User Guide

Upload Agent


Upload Agent V4.0
Transfer large batches of fully indexed information from virtually any input device or 3rd party capture solution to DocumentMall with Upload Agent.
Upload Agent V4 Download File  32 bit Type: Zip
Upload Agent V4 Download File  64 bit Type: Zip
Resources: Upload Agent V3 Install and User Guide
Upload Agent System Requirements:
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Vista , Browser: IE 6.0 and above, Firefox 2.0 and above



I have been reading through the emails below and want to be sure I understand exactly what is going on.  I am going to list what I understand the issues (potential or real at this time) are and please correct me if I have made any errors

1) The card reader in use with the iMFP connector does not accurately handle log off timing, beginning the time out clock at log on and not when the activity ceases.  This can cause a log out to happen before the scan is complete or once it is complete but before the send is complete.    There is a patch for this but it requires GSNX to be at an older version (2.1.3) in order to support 32 bit mode.  Another customer has implemented this in Compatibility Mode on a Windows 2008 server but is still having issues with the devices locking up from time to time.  This may be related to the configuration in use, or not.  At this time we are unsure of the lockup cause but power cycling the device does remedy the issue.

2) The Pharos iMFP connector (version1.0) will not install natively, onto a server that is running a 64 bit version of GlobalScan NX (version 2.2) . When attempting to install it, an error message is displayed and installation is aborted. There is currently no 64 bit version of the iMFP connector available.

Now I also see reference to Pharos not supporting newer machines in our Ricoh family.  Is this a result of (or combination of) the problems above?  Or something else?

I understand that Pharos is investigating but they have not responded with an estimated delivery time for a fix or a 64bit version of the connector.   Do we believe that a 64 bit connector will resolve all the issues we have experienced?  Would that be the preferred resolution?

I also noticed that Dave has provided three options for moving forward if a resolution is not available.  Are any of these options feasible to the account team?  Will the customer accept a staged implementation with the Pharos installing when a fix is available? Or do we need to resolve the root cause in order to move forward with the customer?

Thanks for helping me make sure I understand the issue correctly.   If we need to press Pharos to resolve the 64 bit issue to fix this it will help to know a few more details about the deal.  What is the value of the Pharos software in the deal? How many devices are in the deal? PS value?


Karen Finley
Technical Manager,
Central US

5520 Explorer Drive
Mississauga, ON, L4V 1W5

Phone: 647-302-7781

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