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Professional Services

DocumentMall's professional service packages are available assist customers with training and implementation of DocumentMall products and services. Designed to address a wide range of needs and budgets, DocumentMall offers a selection of professional services packages that can be performed remotely or, in the case of larger scale projects, on-site. From custom web training and account configuration to on-site workflow analysis and integration with third-party solutions, DocumentMall’s professional services will help customers establish best practices for implementing and maintaining DocumentMall and optimizing the service for the customer’s specific business needs.

Remote Professional Services

DocumentMall’s remote professional service packages can be used to provide implementation consulting, custom training, support as well as integration of DocumentMall with third-party applications. Our professional services consultants work with you to understand your needs and conduct training and or configuration sessions via web seminar session. DocumentMall professional services packages are available in 2, 4 and 8-hour blocks of time.

On-site Professional Services

DocumentMall’s on-site professional services packages are designed to assist customers with large-scale DocumentMall implementations, complex workflows and integration with third-party products. The DocumentMall professional services team works hand-in-hand with the local DocumentMall reseller, customer and / or third-party solution provider to deliver a total solution and seamless integration into your environment.

Free Online Training Resources

A User Resource Site with free online resources is available for helping customers learn how to use DocumentMall. The User Resource Site is accessible via the DocumentMall Help menu and provides video tutorials, quick reference sheets, and web seminars as well as detailed Administrative and User documentation.

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