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Security and privacy of information transmitted over the Internet is a major concern for most organizations, especially legal, financial services, medical, insurance and government. We provide a set of technologies that ensure document security, confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the DocumentMall service. Our security policy encompasses physical access control to the DocumentMall document vault, Secure Socket Layer (256-bit SSL) for encrypting communication and the use of firewalls.

Our comprehensive program focuses on all the aspects of document security needed to assure the safety and integrity of our customers' data. In addition, we continuously evaluate our systems to assure meeting the highest standards of security at each of the logical layers of our technology offering.

Security Program Focus Areas (highlights)

  • Protection of Confidential Data
    • During the transmittal of information via scanning, online sharing for collaboration
    • Interacting with the application
    • Understanding and monitoring usage
    • Secure archiving and electronic file storage
    • Securing remote document access
  • System Availability and Accessibility
    • Data Center provides document security, disaster recovery and business continuity
    • Production systems
    • Systems support
  • Operational and Process Security

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