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The DocumentMall API provides programmatic access to DocumentMall, Ricoh's Software as a Service (SaaS) document management solution. DocumentMall allows companies to store, retrieve, manage and share electronic documents and files using the Internet. Through the DocumentMall API qualified developers can provide customized DocumentMall applications to meet specific customer or market needs, integrate DocumentMall functionality with other applications as well as develop solutions that exchange data and documents between DocumentMall and legacy systems and websites.

Main Features

The DocumentMall API (DMAPI) provides access to key Documentmall functionality including:

  • Create, delete cabinets (top level folders), or folders on the fly
  • Retrieve the contents of folders in your account
  • Upload or download documents
  • Check in or check out existing documents
  • Delete documents in a user account
  • Search contents of the repository

Development Environment

The DocumentMall APIs are accessed using industry standard http mechanisms making them compatible with almost all local software development environments, languages, and toolsets. A separate, isolated instance of DocumentMall exists for qualified developers to develop and test their application without impact to customers and production level content. For more information about joining our team of developer partners within DocumentMall's RiDP (Ricoh Developer Program), click this link:

To arrange to speak with a DocumentMall representative regarding the Developer Program or DocumentMall APIs, Click Here.


DocumentMall API Diagram

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