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Upload Agent Announcement


DocumentMall Upload Agent 3 is an ideal solution for high volume scanning, conversion and storage of paper documents.  DocumentMall Upload Agent provides the ability to use any input source to capture multiple documents of various types for transfer to a DocumentMall account for storage and management.

Used in conjunction with a scanner or MFP and document capture software such as NSI AutoStore or Kofax Ascent Capture, the Upload Agent provides reliable and secure transmission of large batches of scanned documents and XML metadata to a DocumentMall account and provides upload process monitoring and management.

The following diagram depicts the data flow of the Upload Agent:

DocumentMall Upload Agent

  Upload Agent Download and Installation

Upload Agent is included with the purchase of DocumentMall Extensible for 3rd Party Solution subscription service (SMB or Enterprise).  It requires the purchase of a 3rd party app and Professional Services. 

Registered DocumentMall customers, dealers and third party vendors can access and downlaod the Upload Agent program and User Guide from the DocumentMall website: 

Key Product Features

Key features of the Upload Agent:

  • Runs as a Windows Service
  • Monitor progress via GUI monitor application
  • Support upload to multiple accounts
  • Support Multi Document Batch upload
  • Account validation
  • Access via Proxy server with Authentication
  • Improved progress status and information in user interface
  • Improved error reporting and logs
  • Resubmit batch with error from user interface
  • Auto recovery when error occurs during upload
  • Support both attribute1 and named (DocType) attribute values

Why is the new version of Upload Agent being released? ,
Upload Agent Version 3 improves its overall performance.  In addition, it can now execute as a Windows service, and it allows connection via proxy servers that requires authentication.

What is different between the new Upload Agent and the previous version?
This version is a Windows service which continuously runs.  It replaces the previous Adobe Air version.

Do I need to upgrade, or can I continue using the older version?
It is not required to upgrade, but it’s strongly recommended due to its increased performance.

If I upgrade to a newer version, is there anything I need to do, or change in my configuration, so the upgrade is seamless?
The new version can be installed and run along with the previous Adobe Air version, but it’s recommended to uninstall the Adobe Air once Upload Agent Version 3 is installed.  The new version needs to be configured after installation. 

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