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DocumentMall Express Announcement

DocumentMall Express

RICOH is pleased to announce DocumentMall Express, a streamlined user interface designed to simplify basic tasks for users such as uploading and searching for documents.  Express can be used with new and any existing DocumentMall account.

Since Express is built on the existing DocumentMall platform, existing accounts can also use Express, and take advantage of Document Type indexing. Current DocumentMall users will continue to have access to the same cabinets, folders and documents, but they will be viewed with attractive and friendly icons.

What current uses won’t see in Express are DocumentMall advanced features such as check in / checkout, barcode and other options that can appear daunting for the casual user. Access to advanced features along with all administrative functions is always available through the standard DocumentMall user interface. 

Administrators of new DocumentMall accounts can take advantage of Express’ simplified option to create users, groups and cabinets.  Best of all, Permission Sets can be easily created and applied to cabinets.  Permission Sets determine users access to cabinets and folders. It also provides 3 levels of document control: Read Only, Edit and Upload, and Delete.  New accounts with a small number of users will appreciate the ease to setup and maintain their Express accounts.

If new accounts want to use Document Type Indexing, Administrators will need to access and use the full-function DocumentMall Admin capabilities to create Document Types.

To login to Express, review all the features, or download the quick reference guide, Click Here.

DocumentMall Express

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