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Replicator Version 3.0 Product Announcement

DocumentMall Replicator Version 3.0

RICOH is pleased to announce DocumentMall Replicator Version 3.0, an application designed to perform one and two-way replication of content between a user’s PC and DocumentMall. It’s designed to support the transfer of large or multiple files.Replicator 3.0

This process makes a connection between folders on a user’s local (or network) drive and corresponding folders in DocumentMall via a map created in Replicator 3.0.  Users simply navigate to the folders they want to upload from their local (or network) drive and then navigate to the location in DocumentMall where they want the folder(s) to reside.

Replicator 3.0 also provides users the ability to download files stored in DocumentMall to folders on their local PC, using the same map process.

Replicator 3.0 creates a map to follow while it uploads/download the contents of the folders from one location and another.  Replicator 3.0 uses this map every time a request is made to upload and download those same folders in the future.  The mappings created in Replicator 3.0 also specify the owner, Document Type and Permission Set assigns to the documents and folders when they uploaded DocumentMall.  These mapped settings ensure the security and integrity of the documents being imported and the access to them.

Replicator 3.0 also supports a scheduling tool designed to execute scheduled document transfers automatically at specific times during the day, week or month.  With scheduled transfers, all transfers occur concurrently in a background task.

System Requirements

Replicator supports the following hardware and software platform:

Operating System:      Microsoft Windows XP, 2003 and Vista (Home and Professional), Windows 7

File System:                FAT32; NTFS

Hardware:                   500 MHz processor; 1 GB RAM; 1 GB hard disk space (or above)

Internet Bandwidth:   Minimum 700kbps upload, 1,000kbps download)

DocumentMall Replicator 3.0 needs to be downloaded and installed on each personal computer that will be performing the replication with DocumentMall. It can be downloaded from the DocumentMall user website.

Note: If you have a previous version of Replicator installed on your computer, use the Windows control panel and Remove Program option to remove it prior to downloading the new Replicator version.

The Replicator program and User Guide can be accessed and downloaded from the DocumentMall website: - Select Options.

 About Replication Mappings

Users create an electronic map (called a replication mapping) by selecting preferences that tell Replicator 3.0 how to process the transfer request.  Besides simply uploading and downloading files from one place to another, the mapping identifies permissions, and Document Types, whether to version the files or create new ones, uploads subdirectories, enables the mapping for execution or schedules it to occur automatically.

Multiple (or single) mappings can be performed manually, to upload and download folders one at a time or automatically transfer a folder(s) at a specific time each day, week or month.  The scheduled transfer is performed using the Replicator Scheduler feature.  Whether performed manually or automatically, replication mappings are an efficient and secure way to manage large document transfers from one location to another.

Replicator 3.0 Mapping

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