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Industry Applications

Human Resources (HR)
DocumentMall offers Human Resource departments a better process for electronic file storage of resumes, searching files and document management, saving time and reducing distribution costs.
Instant remote document access to documents throughout the sales cycle is critical for "on-the-go" sales professionals.
DocumentMall's online, secure central repository is ideal for storing, managing and sharing legal documents. Additionally, its versioning feature enables lawyers to collaborate on documents, even from court.
Marketing personnel can access and share logos, photos and even video in seconds using DocumentMall. Eliminate the risk of failed email attachments and the cost of distribution of removable media and CDs.
Financial Services
With DocumentMall, financial service providers can rapidly deploy this solution to increase efficiencies, improve customer service levels, mitigate risk, accelerate product development cycles, streamline deal-related processes and generate competitive advantage.
Project Engineering
Centralize and share technical drawings and CAD files electronically. Using the Internet, DocumentMall brings project and engineering teams together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for collaboration from anywhere in the world.
Real Estate / Mortgage Brokerage
Convert mountains of mortgage paperwork to electronic documents. From signature pages to disclosure forms, DocumentMall enables secure electronic file storage of important documents.
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