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Document Storage & Management

With DocumentMall, you can create an electronic document storage account for all your business documents which you can access anytime, anywhere from the convenience of your computer. You can consolidate both paper and electronic documents and store them online in your secure DocumentMall account.

Document Management Quote

DocumentMall gives you robust document management capabilities in a web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. DocumentMall is developed on the EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Management Platform and provides powerful document management features in an easy to deploy and cost-effective on-demand software solution. The solution can be used by just a few people or to manage documents across the enterprise. No matter what type of documents you have to manage, DocumentMall lets you streamline your business processes and work simply.


  • Drag & drop electronic documents and files to DocumentMall from your computer
  • Reduce the expense and inefficiencies of storing and retrieving paper documents from filing cabinets
  • Variety of scanning options including scanning paper documents using compatible MFPs and securely uploading digital files to DocumentMall
  • Scanned paper documents can be properly indexed and automatically stored for easy search and retrieval using a bar-code cover sheet
  • Download documents whenever you need them by logging into your DocumentMall account
  • Easy to control who has access to information and what they can do with the files
  • Email files from DocumentMall to others or send links to download (no attachments)
  • Automatically archive incoming faxes as PDF files in DocumentMall
  • DocumentMall’s Replicator option lets you schedule automatic batch upload of files and whole folders from local drives to create an off-site backup for business continuity
  • Option to have all files in your DocumentMall account exported on DVD for additional redundancy
  • Professional consulting services, DocumentMall account setup and outsourced document services (such as high-volume sc anning) are available
  • You can use DocumentMall to store and manage both paper and electronic documents and files
  • Automatic optical character recognition (OCR) enables full text search of information in scanned paper documents
  • Create customized "document types" that allow you to categorize documents in a way that is relevant to your business and use the information to quickly retrieve documents
  • Advanced searching allows you to narrow your results to locate the exact documents in seconds
  • Version documents, check-in / check-out for editing
  • High-volume paper document indexing and upload options
  • Compatibility with third-party document capture (indexing) software
  • Administrators can establish and manage users, groups and document permissions so the right people have access
  • Auditing capabilities produce detailed records (audit trail) on each document as well as the entire account
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