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Compatible Software

Extend the functionality of DocumentMall with our 3rd Party Integration account packages. These accounts packages are software compatible with DocumentMall’s Upload Agent and are designed to work with 3rd party applications that have connectors for DocumentMall as well as customized DocumentMall solutions developed with DocumentMall APIs.

The DocumentMall Upload Agent provides high-volume input and automates the process of getting scanned documents into DocumentMall for storage and retrieval using advanced search. Used in conjunction with a scanner or MFP and document capture software the Upload Agent provides reliable and secure transmission of large batches of scanned documents and XML metadata to a DocumentMall account and provides upload process monitoring and management.

These front-end capture solutions have connectors for DocumentMall and work with Upload Agent:

NSI AutoStoreKarora AppConnectorPPDM NXGlobalScan NX
Kofax Ascent CaptureCaptiva

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