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DocumentMall Basic Package

DocumentMall Basic

DocumentMall Basic is an entry-level solution offering basic document management functionality. It is ideal for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) and departmental workgroups needing secure document storage and the ability to share and distribute information easily. You can scan documents using Ricoh MFPs (MFP firmware is included) as well as edit documents using library features such as checkout, check in and versioning. Customers have access to a free training resources and seminars. DocumentMall Basic provides 15 GB of storage, supports up to 5 Users and is available in 1 and 3-year packages.

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DocumentMall Advanced Package

DocumentMall Advanced

DocumentMall Advanced is designed for customers that require functionality to support more formalized document processes. DocumentMall Advanced features our new workflow module as well as Brava Viewer, Subscriptions and Notifications. It’s ideal for departmental work groups, as well as SMBs in document intensive industries. DocumentMall Advanced supports up to 25 users and provides 50 GB of storage. Customers have access to online training resources and seminars and can purchase on-site or remote professional services for customized training and assistance. DocumentMall Advanced is available in 1 and 3 year service terms

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DocumentMall Third Party Package

DocumentMall 3rd Party Packages

DocumentMall 3rd Party (Extensible) packages are accounts designed to work with 3rd party applications that have connectors for DocumentMall, as well as customized DocumentMall solutions.  Available in 2 user/storage configurations, these account packages offer maximum flexibility. User and storage upgrades can be added to accounts at anytime.

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User/Sorage Add-ons

If you need more users or storage than the account package provides, simply select a storage and user upgrade. These add-ons can be added to any account package at anytime with out extending the subscription term of the package.


Branding Option

Branding Option

Build your brand identity while sharing documents and collaborating with customers, business partners and employees by adding your logo to your DocumentMall account.

Export Option

Export Service

DocumentMall's Export service provides a backup copy of data stored in your DocumentMall account on DVD gives you an added level of security.

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