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DocumentMall Complete Feature List

Import Documents
Use Drag and Drop or the Import feature to upload folders and files. Index and import documents using Express Import
Library Services
Checkout / checkin documents for editing and automatic versioning
Full Text Search
Search on text contained in documents.
Document Type Indexing
Create document templates that ensure uniform and consistent indexing of documents such as invoices, employee files
Advance Search
Retrieve the exact documents within seconds by using index attributes from Document Types
View detailed reports showing who has accessed documents and what actions were taken
Email Out
Utilize built-in email feature to distribute documents as an attachment or as a link that requires recipient to enter DocumentMall username and password to access the document
Email In
Send documents to specific cabinet and folder destination using email syntax. Save the addresses of common folders in your email application address book
Send a link to a document with embedded login creditials. DirectLink gives recipients access to the document and no other information
Fast access to frequently used folders and information/Notifications sends alerts to your email when subscribed content is updated, viewed, downloaded
Online Viewer
View documents without application and annotations without editing original file.
Basic Workflow
Define a series of steps and process owners for automatic document routing.
Retention Policy Services
Implement automated processes for reviewing, maintaining and destroying documents.
Express by DocumentMall
A streamlined version of DocumentMall that provides a simple and friendly interface for quick setup and use by new and existing DocumentMall accounts.

Options included in each account package:

MFP Browser Firmware
Provides direct and secure scanning to DocumentMall from the MFP. Maximum number of supported MFPs
Automate scanning and indexing of moderate volumes of documents to DocumentMall from the MFP
Folders mapping and high volume transfers of documents between DocumentMall and local PC and network drives
Google Gadgets/iGoogle
Store and retreive files in DocumentMall using Google Desktop and iGoogle account
BlackBerry and iPhone Apps
Providing acces to DocumentMall while on the go
Add your company logo to the DocumentMall login page application user interface
Upload Agent
Integrates with 3rd Party capture and indexing solutions to transfer large volumes of documents and indexing metadata

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