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DocumentMall Express

DocumentMall Express is a streamlined version of the DocumentMall software as a service (Saas) solution offering.  It provides a simple and friendly interface for quick setup and use by new DocumentMall accounts.

Since DocumentMall Express is built on the existing DocumentMall platform, existing accounts can also use DocumentMall Express, and take advantage of Document Type indexing that may have already been implemented.  


DocumentMall Express Features

  • Simple Administration interface
    • Create and edit users and groups
    • Create cabinets and define document access (Read, Write/Upload, and Delete permission sets)
  • Easy for users to locate documents in cabinets or folders using the browse option
  • File Search offers full text search, as well as index search that provides file searching  based on previously defined document type indexing *
  • Fast document download and import capability, with ability to index imported files
  • Quickly view stored document with View Online
  • Email files to an email address or Kindle device
  • Delete or rename files
  • View the first page of a file via thumbnail
  • Cabinets, folders and documents viewed with attractive icons

* If new accounts want to use Document Type indexing, administrators will need to access and use the full-function DocumentMall Admin capabilities to create Document Types.

DocumentMall Express

DocumentMall Express Login 

Login to your DocumentMall Express Account

DocumentMall Express Quick Reference Guide Download

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