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DocumentMall by Ricoh is the content management service that will transform the way you manage your business. This is because DocumentMall is the only intelligent content management system that helps your business sync, link and think.  It's built on the cloud leading EMC Documentum platform.


Access your documents...wherever, whenever

DocumentMall makes it easy to access your documents whenever and wherever you need them using the device that is most convenient - PC, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, or MFP.

The power of cloud computing

Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform for delivering cloud-based document management applications ranging from a simple solution for sharing and distributing documents to applications that address complex issues, improve document security and support regulatory compliance.

No hardware or software to buy

SaaS solution eliminates large upfront investment in hardware, software and IT resources helping companies stretch budgets further and lower power and computing consumption.

Flexible pricing

DocumentMall's scalable packages meets the needs of businesses of any size.

Customized user interfaces

User interfaces can be tailored for specific markets such as legal and healthcare or streamlined functionality such as search and retrieval of specific content.

Integrate with your other business applications

Enhance line of business applications for accounting and HR and others by adding point and click access to DocumentMall's secure document repository. DocumentMall transparently delivers the documents that drive the transactions such as packing slips, purchase orders, employment applications and more.

Developer APIs

APIs provide access to Ricoh's SaaS document management platform and powerful document management functionality giving qualified developers the ability to develop customized document solutions.

Productive and smart

When information is accessible, easy to find, timely and relevant, employees are more productive, customers are easily satisfied and businesses make better decisions.

Complete Feature List

Account Packages

Three packages are available

Three account packages to suit your needs, whether you need basic capability or an enterprise-wide solution.

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